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Four Quick and Easy Ways to Earn FREE Money with Cryptocurrency

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If you haven’t begun learning about the cryptocurrency world yet, now is the time to be doing so! Even if you can’t or don’t want to invest any money yet, just simply getting educated is going to help you immensely!

There is so much happening in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, with trillions of dollars already being poured into it, that I believe it’s only a matter of time and “when,” not “if,” that it will become an integral part of all our lives.

In the same way people used to say “I’ll never use social media ” and then it exponentially grew into what it is today, I believe the same is going to happen with the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Getting in now can almost guarantee long term gains if you get educated and stay ahead of the game.

Luckily, in addition to a few ways you can earn free crypto with little to no risk, there is also a way you can start learning about cryptocurrency while earning it simultaneously, for free!

Watch the Earn FREE Money in Crypto with These 4 Quick and Easy Methods video on YouTube

Learn and Earn

The first place I suggest you check out to start learning about cryptocurrency is Coinbase!

Coinbase is a super easy and convenient platform that not only allows you to buy cryptocurrency using your checking account or debit card (also known as an “on ramp”), but they will also give you FREE crypto currency just for watching some of their videos and learning about the technology.

learn with coinbase

They have an entire section of free educational information with tips and tutorials, the basics of crypto, market updates, and more. 

If you sign up for a Coinbase account using this link, you’ll also get a free $10 in Bitcoin after you’ve bought or sold $100 or more in crypto currency. So if you start learning and decide you’d like to buy some, then this is a smart way to go about it. 

Of course, no purchase is necessary and at minimum you should definitely sign up just so you can start earning some free crypto from learning!

High Interest Lending Platforms

If you have any money sitting in a bank account, chances are you are actually losing money every year. That’s because even the highest APY savings accounts, at least here in the United States, only pay an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of about 0.05% – this in combination with the current rate of inflation, which is about 3% means that you’re actually losing 2.5% of your money every year.

It’s ridiculous.

So, what do we do about it?

Let me introduce you to high yield interest platforms such as Celsius and BlockFi.

Because of the way blockchain technology works, these platforms have the ability to offer extremely high interest rates on certain crypto currencies if you deposit your crypto currencies with them. 

They’re basically a bank for your crypto, except with way better rates. We’re talking rates that can be as high as 17% depending on the coin!

earn with celsius

Now these can be broken down into two sub-categories: 

  1. Alt Coins
  2. Stable Coins.

Alt coins are going to be your volatile currencies, the ones with high risk who’s prices can fluctuate fast in either the up or down direction, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), or Polkadot (DOT).

Then you have stable coins. Stable coins are crypto currencies that are “pegged” to a fiat currency, such as the U.S. Dollar, and do not fluctuate in price. Some of these include the U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC), U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT), or Binance U.S. Dollar Coin (BUSD). 

The great thing about stable coins is the fact they are pegged to a fiat currency, which means 1 coin (for example, 1 USDC) will always be equivalent to 1 USD ($1.00). This makes them far less volatile, therefore making them little to no risk.

So how can you benefit from these platforms?

You can go about it 1 of 3 ways, depending on how much risk you’re interested in taking on.

  1. If you believe in the overall cryptocurrency as moving in a positive direction over the long term (ie 5, 10, 20+ years) then you can use a website like Coinbase to buy some alt coins such as Ethereum, then transfer it to either Celsius or BlockFi, and start earning interest on that coin. This is the highest risk option because it involves a cryptocurrency that has the potential to fall drastically, but also has the highest reward potential because the price can equally “go to the moon” as they say.

    This method is best for those, who like me, are very convinced that the overall crypto market is going to do very well over the long term. So I personally am not concerned when the markets dip down temporarily, as I believe they will overall increase in value over time.
  2. If you have no interest in betting on the future prices of alt coins or are too worried about volatility, you could do the exact same method, except using stable coins such as USDC instead.

    This method has little to no risk because you’re using stable coins, but you’re still able to get the incredible interest rates offered by these platforms. At the time of my writing this, Celsius currently offers an APY of 8.88% on USDC, while BlockFi offers a rate of 8% on USDC.

    So if you have a large amount of money sitting in a savings account earning less than 0.05% APY, it may make more sense for you to take some of it and move it into a stable coin that can earn a much higher rate.

  3. Last but not least, you could do a combination of the two. Invest some of your money into alt coins, and invest some into stable coins. This way, you’re exposed to the possibility of the overall increase in the cryptocurrency market, but you also simultaneously invest in far less riskier assets that can still garner a good APY.

Get up to a $250 Bonus of FREE Bitcoin when using this link to sign up for BlockFi.

Get $50 worth of FREE Bitcoin when using this link to sign up for Celsius.

earn free crypto video on youtube
Watch the Video on YouTube

Staking Rewards

The last method I have for you that can earn you some free cryptocurrency is to invest in currencies that offer staking rewards.

Now there are more cryptocurrencies that offer staking rewards if you decide to start getting into DeFi (aka decentralized finance) but that can get a little complicated. So to keep it simple, I’m only going to mention the ones that can be used and earned through Coinbase because all you have to do is buy them inside Coinbase, and you immediately start earning staking rewards.

Basically, for this particular scenario, all you need to know about staking is that you essentially get rewarded (through a similar APY style process) for holding certain cryptocurrencies.

If you log into your Coinbase account and go to your Portfolio section, on the right-hand side you will notice a section that says “Earn Interest” — if you click it, it will show you all of the coins that you can earn staking rewards just for holding these coins in your portfolio!

earn interest with coinbase

This is how much Coinbase will give you (as APY) for simply holding those coins inside your Coinbase account. Seriously. Buy the coins, and you’ll start generating free interest on those coins.

Even if you were to just buy $100 worth of each of them, then set it and forget it and not come back to check them again for 5 or 10 years, you may find that your small investment ends up being worth a good chunk of money.

It’s worth simply looking into!

If you sign up for a Coinbase account using this link, you’ll also get a free $10 in Bitcoin after you’ve bought or sold $100 or more in crypto currency.

I hope this article has been helpful in showing you a few simple methods you can use to start earning free crypto currency with little to no risk, and I encourage you to continue getting educated.

You’ll be happy you did!


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