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How to Make Money Online for Beginners | A Step by Step Guide

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I believe anyone can have the life they want as long as they can open their mind, and accept the fact that everything they think they know may not be entirely accurate.

As the song goes, “money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a boat.” (or something like that!)

I don’t believe money is the answer to solving all your problems, but I do believe it can help alleviate a lot of stress, and by alleviating stress, can allow you to focus on what truly matters to you the most.

But what if I told you that you’ve been looking at it from the wrong direction? 

I was…

I thought that if I could just work hard enough and make enough money, that it would lead me to the happiness I wanted…

What I found out was it was the complete opposite.

Going after what I wanted, and pursuing the true passions in my life, has been what has brought me the most money… funny how that works out.

And honestly, anyone can do the exact same things I have and achieve the same desires.

1. Open Your Mind

The first step is breaking out of the mindset you’ve been taught your entire life, whatever that mindset is… it’s breaking out of what you know, to happily explore the unknown… to do what you’ve never done, in order to get to where you’ve never been.

So, if you’re still reading… let’s go!

Now that you’ve taken the first step, and simply opened your mind to the possibility that there’s something more, or something different you could be doing to achieve your goals and dreams, let’s talk about step 2: finding your passion.


2. Find Your Passion

What is something you absolutely love to do? 

You spend money on it, time on it, or would if you could… 

You can talk about it for hours, and when you’re doing it, time just seems to fly by… what is that thing? No, not that thing… 

Perhaps you have multiple…

Some examples for me include drones and videography, which was why I created my videography website Apex Media.

It’s also digital media and content creation..its travel and adventure…

It’s flying, which is why I invested in a drone… this combined four of my passions: videography, photography, travel, and flight.

It’s IT and computers, web design… it all comes down to my ability to be creative, to express myself in any way I want to, in whatever medium I decide, and it’s also what led me to create this platform, the Apex Haus; combining all of my skills, passions and interests in a form that leads me to my ultimate goal: helping others aspire to their greatest potential and pursue their dreams and passions, by helping to provide the tools and mindset necessary to do so.

You have talent. You have skills. You have some knowledge about some topic or subject that is more than the average person. And guess what? You probably don’t even realize it, because to you, this thing, this passion, to you is just something you love to do. 

To you it comes easy.

This is what they were talking about when they said “when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” — this was the thing they were referring to.

All you have to do is use it. Change your mindset, and instead of only viewing it as something you love to do or a hobby, view it as a valuable asset that you own.

Now monetize it. It’s that simple.

“…but Zach, how do I do that?”

I’m glad you asked!

3. Start with 20 Questions

What are some things other people have asked you about this hobby or passion? 

What have you asked yourself (or Googled?!) about it?

What were questions you had, or that you know other people have or have had about this topic, subject, hobby, interest, passion, etc?

Do research, find out what other people are asking. 

One way you can do this if you use Google Chrome (there may be extensions for other browsers, but I use Chrome) and download the free extension Keywords Everywhere, it’s amazing!!


Once you’ve installed Keywords Everywhere…

Go to google, type in your topic/hobby (in this example I chose “gardening”) and add the words “how to” (an alternative to “how to” could be “tools”) next to it. 

Click search, and use the Keywords Everywhere tool to see what keywords (and questions) people are searching for! (it’ll appear as data on he right hand side of the search results)

Look at the questions, or using the keywords, form questions around them  — if you know the answer, great!! Write it down… in as much detail as possible!! 

Don’t know the answer? Find out! 

Go read, learn, expand your mind and knowledge about this passion or hobby of yours. Empower yourself. You have the power of the Internet at your fingertips. All of the information known to human existence is within a few taps of your fingers.

Think about that. 

There is nothing you can’t learn.

Do your research, and write about it. The thing we will be most successful at is going to be the thing that comes easiest for us, because it’s what we love…that’s why this is about pursuing your passions.

If you find yourself struggling to be motivated to “do the research,” then maybe your passion isn’t as much of a passion as you thought it was… but thats okay!! 

Move on to a new passion… move on until you find the thing that ISN’T a struggle… the thing you CRAVE to research, and crave to do and talk about…

Do this until you’ve answered 20 questions about your topic, niche, hobby, passion, whatever it is. 

Each question should be answered as if it was it’s entirely own chapter in a book, or a couple paragraphs at least, I suggest a minimum of 500 words. Make each question an entire blog post.

Guess what you just did? 

You just gave yourself 20 weeks worth of content. 

social media icons apex haus


That’s 1 blog post a week for 20 weeks on a website related to your niche. 

That’s 20 weeks of Instagram posts if you post once a week 

(which, btw, hint hint, the YouTube and Instagram algorithms like seeing consistency way more than number of posts… they will rank you higher for posting once a week consistently, like every Monday, vs. posting 20 pictures sporadically throughout a couple month period with no rhythm or schedule… they like to see routines!!). 

That’s 20 weeks worth of posts for a Facebook page, again posting once a week. 

It’s 20 weeks of YouTube videos. 

You get the point.

Oh, and should I mention the fact that you can pre-schedule ALL of this out?? 

Blog posts can be pre-scheduled if using a platform like WordPress (if you don’t know what wordpress is, or how to easily set up a website, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for complete step-by-step instructions coming soon!)


Instagram posts can be pre-scheduled (and auto-posted) using an app such as Later.com

YouTube videos can all be uploaded at the same time and scheduled to be released on specific dates. 

You can schedule out 20 weeks worth of content in a matter of days.

“…but Zach, I don’t have pictures or videos for content…”

So, option 1) make some!

Or, option 2)

Use websites like Pexels or Pixabay to get free stock images to use on Instagram, your blog posts, youtube thumbnails, etc. If you need video footage, check out Storyblocks. I believe I pay around $20 a month for unlimited access to their stock video library… worth it when I’m making videos that are generating me 10x that much on YouTube.

This is one of the reasons you do it based on something you love. Chances are, you already have stuff related to your hobby if it’s something you’re passionate about. These same things you can use to create media with, are also going to be what can make you money!!

Don’t worry, we’re getting to that part.

So now that you have 20 weeks worth of content prepared, it’s time to move to step 4:

4. Establish Your Assets

It’s time to build what I refer to as our “Home Base” — for me, it’s my websites. It’s where everything else will stem from, and where I will focus the most of my energy.

For example, I currently own over 10 (that I can think of off the top of my head) websites all doing this process (some I own publicly, others I own privately). 

On each of my websites, I make blog posts (exactly like this one you’re reading right now).

Once my blog posts are written (either by me, or by a copywriter from a site like fiverr.com) and I’ve put together media (pictures) for them, they get posted on their respective websites. 

I then take that blog post, and create what’s called “dynamic content” — this is just a way of saying I take the blog post and repurpose it to be used on all my other mediums — my youtube, my instagram, my facebook… everything I post on these social media platforms will come from my websites.

This single blog post will also be turned into an IG post, an IG Story, potentially an IGTV and IG Reels, a YouTube video, and a Facebook post. 

And, they will all be linked to each other in some way. 

So for example, at the bottom of this post (or top) there will most likely be a link saying to come check out my YouTube Channel

On my YouTube channel, there are links to my Instagram and my main website Apex Haus, which has links to some of my sub-niche websites, as well as my Instagram profiles. So they all feed into 

each other, boosting one another, sending interested viewers from one platform to another.

In the example above, I gave up to 7 different mediums that I will be using this single blog post for, and each one reaches mor

e and/or different people, because different people prefer different methods of social media. 

This is how you exponentially reach a broader audience.

Now, you just rinse and repeat. 

One post a week, on a couple platforms, and before you know it you have valuable assets in a niche related to something you love!

So how do you turn it into money?

Click Here for Step by Step Instructions on Building Your Website

5. Monetize Your Assets

You already know the answer, you just may not realize you know the answer.

Ever see a video, or a post on Instagram or Facebook where someone will say “use my link in the description” or “use my discount code to get X% off your first purchase.”?

These links or discount codes are referred to as “affiliate links” or “affiliate codes” — and for every purchase made through them, the promoter gets paid a commission. 

The best part is that it costs nothing extra to the buyer.

The promoter, or “influencer” or “subject matter expert” or whatever you want to refer to them as, are simply getting paid by the company as a “thank you” for promoting their product or service.

Again, using me as an example, I am part of several affiliate programs which you will see all throughout my websites. 

I promote everything from fitness supplements and home workout gear (these are affiliate links by the way — so literally if you buy something through one of these links, I make commission off of it — so thank you for supporting me if you do!), to web services and camera equipment. 

They are products and services I actively use, and genuinely enjoy. So I tell my audience about them via blog posts like this, or in my youtube videos or instagram posts, or simply add links throughout all of my IG, YT, Blog posts… and then I make money from them.

This is how you monetize your passions. 

This is how people make money online. 

They do what they love, they create content around it, and they promote what they use by explaining why they use it and why they love it.

Don’t want to be in front of a camera? My first question is: why? What do you have to lose? Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. You have the ability to choose your emotions and how you interpret every situation. The only way you can ever feel rejected for or about something, is if you allow yourself to feel that way.

But, that being said, if you still don’t want to be behind a camera, you don’t have to. You can use a website like fiverr.com to pay someone a small amount of money to make you a video related to your topic, and just give them a script to read. You can also create videos just using stock footage, and doing a voiceover.

Don’t know video editing? 

Let me remind you of something we discussed a few minutes ago: you have the power of the internet at the tip of your fingers: use it! Learn.

Or pay someone at Fiverr to do that too, haha!

Start making a list of all the products you use for your hobby.

Are there special tools you love? 

Do you like one brand vs. another? Why? What are the pros and cons of each?

Are there certain web services you use? 

Are there certain stores you shop at?

Not only are these some good questions to make good posts out of, but they also give an opportunity for you to promote and sell the things you love.

The best part is you’re a middle figure. 

You’re simply connecting a person with a want or need, to a company that can fulfill that want or need, based off your personal experience. It’s a win, win, win.

You never need inventory, there’s little to no entry cost besides maybe a couple dollars a month for a website, and that’s really it.

So where, what, and how can you monetize?

Well, that will depend on your niche.

Most hobbies have some kind of tools or equipment associated with them, so I always like to start there.

If we go back to my example of gardening, the first thing I do is go to Amazon (the biggest online affiliate market in the world) and simply do a search for examples. 

If you’re truly using a passion though, chances are you already have some tools or equipment related to your hobby.

See an item you’ve used? Make a review about it. Pros, cons, where you can buy it cheapest, what you liked, what you didn’t like. Then at the end, leave a link saying “You can buy this here” and add your affiliate link.

Many stores that have an online presence usually have an affiliates section. Scroll to the very bottom of their website and look for a link that says “Affiliates” or “Partners” or “Influencers” — chances are there’s a program to promote their products, especially if they’re a larger sized or global/international store.

Here are a Few Affiliate Programs for Different Stores:

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Bass Pro Shops
  3. Target
  4. Home Depot

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go create your free Amazon Associates (or other affiliate network) account
  2. Search for the product you have that you already use and love
  3. Write a review or post about it
  4. Create your affiliate link on Amazon Associates (or other affiliate network)
  5. Add the link to your blog post
  6. Post it
  7. Share it to your Facebook page
  8. Create a similar post on another platform (IG, YT, FB,etc) — include the same link in the description, or tell people to go to your website for more info
  9. Rinse and repeat

Now share your posts, and grow your audience around your hobby.

Don’t focus on making money. Focus on making content. Good, valuable content, based on what you already have and love to do. The rest will come naturally, both audience and income.

I hope you found this post helpful. Like I said above, please come check out my YouTube channel where you will find lots of super valuable mindset and business knowledge, specific how-to guides, and step by step instructions on building a business doing what you love.

I would also appreciate it if you shared this post with friends and family that you think could also benefit from it, on any and all of the social media platforms you use!

The only thing getting in the way of you and your success is yourself. Luckily, that also means the only thing you need to succeed is you.

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